Station Log

Here I shall attempt to keep a running log of significant events on this weather station.

Website moved to a new server at Several minor updates to web pages
New UV sensor installed. Oregon wouldn't replace under warranty
UV sensor is not working email to Oregon Scientific
Added webcam image to home page, updates every 15 mins.
Added soil temperature measurement at 120mm below ground level in the shade.
Updated Weather Display software to Version 10.37N Build 29.
Added Solar page under Extras. This is still under development, but interesting all the same!
Added Meso Maps to the website - see under "Maps". Only one map to begin with, but I am planning to add more.
Today I moved WD and WDL to a different PC, unfortunately it was proving a bit too much for the laptop. The new machine is much faster, has much more memory and a bigger hard disc. Hopefully this will be a much better arrangement.
Managed to make a bit more sense of the "Solar" graphing in Weather Display. Quite a bright day today and seeing a UV Index of 1.
UV sensor installed next to the rain gauge on the garage roof. It has a good clear view of the sky and seems to look straight up. Initial reading of UV index is 0 - probably right for a cloudy day in February. Now trying to sort out the graphs.
Temperature/humidity sensor moved down from the chimney to a location 1.2 metres above ground and in total shade. Hopefully this will be much less affected by sunshine.
At 3.15 this morning, Windows XP downloaded an update and restarted, killing WD. I have now configured it to start up automatically when Windows starts. Thankfully the WMR200's data logger means you don't actually lose any data.
WDL does seem to use a lot of resources on the client PC, you can't really leave it going in background.
Spent some time re-organising screen sizing for WDL - it behaves slightly differently in Firefox and IE7 if allowed to auto-size.
Weather Display Live (evaluation version) added - this certainly keeps the old laptop busy, so we'll see how it goes for a few days.
Extra web pages added for trends, records, wind direction. Updates to layout.

Weather Display moved from my desktop (where it was a constant distraction!) to an old laptop which has been dragged out of retirement.

Rainfall registered for the first time (or more accurately, melting snow!).


New rain gauge arrived - excellent service by Oregon Scientific. Works perfectly. Now in position on garage roof and waiting for rain.

A bit more work on the web pages, added this log.


After much testing, found that the head unit doesn't like the USB port I was using. Moved it to another port and all the communication problems are solved. Move it back and it won't communicate with the wind sensor. Weird, but easily fixed.

Made a start on new web pages.

Frequent problems with head unit losing contact with wireless sensors, usually the wind sensor.
WD upgraded and basic web page successfully generated.
WD software arrived, but no time to play with it!
Full version of Weather Display software ordered

Phone calls to Oregon Scientific confirm that the rain gauge is faulty, replacement requested. So far, Oregon Customer Support has been friendly and helpful

Ladders out, scaled the chimney and fitted the wind, T/H sensors and solar panel. Rain gauge fitted on the garage roof, but doesn't work - pity, it's pouring!
Large box arrives in the post and the contents are soon spread all over the floor. The story is about to begin!