Welcome to Woughton Park Weather!

This website was created in late January 2009, largely for my own interest and for that of others interested in the weather. Please note that this is an amateur weather station and the data presented here is in no way guaranteed!

The station is located in the southern part of Milton Keynes and is based on the Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station. Fuller details can be found under "Information" - above.

The data generated by the WMR200 is processed by "Weather Display" software and the results are presented in these web pages. No doubt I will make regular changes to this as I get used to it. Readings are taken from the various sensors at intervals of between 14 and 45 seconds and the resulting data is uploaded to the web pages every 5 minutes.

All pages should refresh every 10 minutes, so the data you see with your browser should never be more than 10 minutes old. If you wish, use the "refresh" button in your browser to load the most recent data.

This station is now a part of the UK Weather Network. Have a look at the UKWN map and information under "Maps".


See "Solar" under "Extras" for solar experiment